Sherlock Combs Genealogy® provides the following genealogy services:

Genealogy Research

The game’s afoot! Whether you are a beginner with enthusiasm but no time, or someone who has reached a brick wall with the research you have already completed, Sherlock Combs Genealogy® can be on the case!

Because I can read Russian, and have access to ever increasing numbers of digitized documents from academic libraries in the former Soviet Union, I can find things from the Old Country that other people can’t.


Russian-language documents from the 19th and early 20th century are my specialty, both narrative and columnar formats. These include vital records (birth, marriage, divorce, death), reviski skazki (the equivalents to a U. S. Federal census), passports, and other types of documents.


Genealogy Presentations/Speaking Topics

  • Introduction to Jewish Genealogy
  • American Warp, Jewish Weft: Weaving Jewish-specific Sources with Traditional Genealogy
  • Learn Just Enough Russian for Genealogy
  • From Babel to Benefit: Foreign-Language Translation Tips for Genealogists
  • Real World DNA: Delights and Disappointments
  • From Chernorudka to Chicago – Lessons Learned From Tracing One Family’s  Immigration Pathway
  • Death Decoded: Documenting Death With or Without a Death Certificate
  • Pandemic! How the 1918 Spanish Flu Affected Your Family
  • Dating Your 20th Century Family Photos
  • Sticking to the Union: Using Labor Union Documents for Genealogical Research
  • Let No (Wo)Man Put Asunder: Researching Ancestors Who Divorce
  • Sensitive Subjects in Genealogy
  • Finding the Kernel of Truth in Your Family’s Stories
  • Is There a Baby Catcher in Your Bloodline? (aka Is There a Midwife in Your Mishpocha?)
  • Is There a Doctor in the House? Researching Physician Ancestors
  • The Family Patchwork – Stitching Families Separated by History Back Together

Each presentation can be customized for your specific needs.
Please contact me for more information.